Covid Hunting Restriction in TRTFN Territory

Hunting Restriction in TRTFN Territory (Covid-19)

The Taku River Tlingit First Nation declares a hunting restriction in TRTFN traditional territory. From This
time forward, harvest in TRTFN Traditional Territory will be restricted to TRTFN citizens and the local
residents of Atlin only. All other harvest is deemed non-essential. TRTFN is the steward of this land, and
the people here rely on what the land provides. TRTFN will assert its authority to take measures as
necessary to protect the land and its people. TRTFN is in a State of Emergency because of the Covid-19
pandemic. Non-essential travel for hunting purposes to TRTFN Traditional Territory puts this community
at risk and jeopardizes food security. TRTFN continues to work with partner governments to collaborate
in response to Covid-19.