Upcoming JCM Sep 2023 CANCELLED

Attention all TRT Citizens!

The Negotiations JCM previously scheduled for September 22-24, 2023 is canceled. A follow up package of detailed information will be sent to all citizens next week on what happened in Negotiations discussions to slow the process down and lead to cancelation of the JCM for fall completion. Please note that the Elder’s Meeting scheduled for Friday September 22, 2023 will still be occurring in the downstairs admin boardroom from 10:30am to 3:30pm with lunch included. Transportation will be provided for 5-Mile Residents. We will focus on the Negotiations with Yukon Government, but will be prepared to discuss the three mandates that were going to be brought to the Negotiations JCM and give detailed information about how to make progress in the absence of a decision making platform. We will give detailed updates that will help prepare for the next JCM’s and help refine and support process questions now.

Agenda and materials will be sent out one week in advance. The three topics we will be prepared to speak to at the Elder’s Meeting will be:

  1. Detailed review of the TRTFN Negotiations with Yukon Government: walk through materials provided in updates and reasons for postponed JCM this September;
  2. Constitution Project and Committee selection process options;
  3. BCTC Main Table update on negotiations with Canada and BC, what has changed in the Negotiations Process since 2019.

An All-Citizens Meeting will be scheduled for the third week of October, date to be confirmed next week in the follow up package of materials sent by the Negotiations team. A similar detailed agenda adapted from the outcomes of the Elder’s Meeting will be sent out one week in advance with presentation and power point materials included. A schedule of bi-monthly Elder’s and All-Citizens meetings will also be confirmed and shared. This means that every month the Negotiations Department will host either an Elder’s Meeting or an All-Citizens meeting, so each specific group of citizens will receive meetings every two months until May 2024 on a stable, recurring day of the month. The Chair will be Negotiator Chantelle Schultz.

We want to hear from you, so please send your questions and comments about Negotiations to senior.negotiator@gov.trtfn.com,

or call/text 867-334-8985 to talk directly.