Those elected to the positions of Leadership hold great responsibility for governing to the Nation, including financial management, policy development, planning and control systems for the benefit of the Nation and generally to manage the affairs of the Nation for the benefit of all its citizens. The decisions of the elected Leadership must be honoured and respected by the Citizens of the Nation and the Citizens of the Nation must feel confident that the Leadership’s conduct is appropriate if they are to carry out their official duties. In order to properly provide for the interests of the Nation as a whole, the Leadership must maintain high standards of conduct to reflect positively on the TRTFN. Leadership must comply by this Code of Conduct and avoid any action that could jeopardize their fitness for duty, or impair their effectiveness in dealing with other Nation officials, employees, officials of other governments, or the public.


The Taku River Tlingit First Nation Constitution Act of 1993 represents the paramount Laws which apply to all Taku River Tlingits and TRTFN governing bodies.


Louise Gordon
Manager, Governance & Justice department
250-651-7900 ext. 303
Logan Law
Citizenship, Vital Statistics, and Governance Records Coordinator
250-651-7900 ext. 312
Shirley Reeves
Crow Clan Director - Portfolio: Heritage & Culture ; Lands & resources ; Education & TFLC
Vivian Mahoney
Crow Clan Director - Portfolio: Health & Social Services ; Economic Development & Lands Holding society ; Governance & Justice (internal) ; Operations & Maintenance, Capital & Housing
Charmaine Thom
Spokesperson - Porfolio: External negotiations ; Administration & Finance ; Lands & Resources
Louise Gordon
Wolf Clan Director - portfolios held: Economic development & Lands Holding society ; Operations & Maintenance ; Capital & Housing
Charquinta Carlick
Wolf Clan director - Portfolio: Health & Social ; Health and Safety emergency measures