Latséeni Daakahidi (House of Strength & Wellness)

We, the Health & Social Team exist to assist Taku River Tlingit First Nation Citizens , families, and the community to live in wellness by working with them to provide programs and services that promote healing and strengthen culture.


  • Youth Council meetings
  • Sport Nights
  • Homework Club
  • Storytelling Around The Fire
  • Afterschool Programs at Culture Center

Community Health

  • Healthy lifestyle & Diabetes prevention workshops
  • Tuesday & Thursday Community Lunches – Deb Wesley, Cook
  • Diabetes Prevention Materials: Books, Guides, Recipes
  • Food Fish -Wild Salmon from Taku River
  • Medical Travel
  • First Nation Health Benefits
  • Food Bank, In conjunction with the Whitehorse Food Bank – Gunalcheesh to A-1 for donating delivery services!
  • Meals on Wheels – Gunalcheesh to the Volunteer coordinators and cooks and bakers at the Comfortable Pew Meals on Wheels Kitchen!
  • Home Care Services – Staffed by Ruth Ward and Greta Thorlakson


  • Mental Health Crisis Management
  • Solvent Abuse Program
  • Wellness Program (NNADAP)
  • Client Treatment intake
  • Aftercare and follow up
  • Workshops
  • Referrals to outside organizations

Children and Family Support

  • Workshops
  • Family Support Services
  • Ministry of Family and Children’s Services
  • Referral to outside agencies
  • Client Treatment Intake
  • Aftercare and follow up

Cultural Outreach

  • Healing Camps, Family Camps, Ceremonies
  • Work with Elders, Clan Leaders, and Community Wellness Worker
  • Gathering Around The Fire
  • Home Coming Ceremonies
  • Workshops

Centre for culture

  • Make regalia
  • Carve
  • Sew
  • Weave
  • Dance
  • Paddle


Compilation of the TRTFN data from the First Nations Labour and Education Development Survey.


Megan Wenschlag
 Health & wellness Department Manager
e-mail  250.651.7900 ext 305
Zoya Lewis
Health & Wellness Executive Assistant
e-mail  250.651.7900 ext 306
Ariel Durant
Child and Family Advocate in Yukon Territories
e-mail  867 687 4425
Brie-Anne Kirby
Home Support
250.651.7900 ext 314
Sophie Carlson
Home Support
250.651.7900 ext 314
Donna Patrick
Wellness Support
e-mail  250.651.7900 ext 315


Stephen Badhwar
Tlingit Warrior Program
Team Leader
Debra Michel
Cultural Outreach Coordinator
e-mail  250-651-7695 Ext. 102
Wayne Carlick
Cultural Centre Coordinator
e-mail  250-651-7837
Deborah Wesley
Tutan Hit Cook
250-651-7695 Ext. 110
Maria Vigneron
Community Garden and
Food Sovereignty Coordinator
250-651-7695 Ext. 104