Revival of Ancestral Legacy TTRTFN Reclaims Traditional Place Names in British Columbia

Taku River Tlingit First Nation is proud to announce the reclamation of 13 Tlingit Place Names
in their traditional territory within what is currently known as British Columbia. Place names are
anchors of the Tlingit language on the land. They are essential markers of the Taku River Tlingit
territory, as well as indicators of where our ancestors traveled and where they continue to

These place names are key elements in Tlingit stories, carriers of ecological knowledge, and a
legacy passed down through generations of Tlingit speakers. The process of reclaiming place
names enables communities to establish a harmonious connection with the land, restoring its
inherent spirit. This not only allows for a deeper understanding of the land but also encourages
the practice of referring to it by its original name, fostering respectful dialogue between
humans and their environment.

“The acknowledgment of Tlingit names on British Columbia maps holds equal importance to our
cherished Kwaay, our significant landmarks.” – TRTFN Chief Spokesperson, Charmaine Thom

March 22, 2023:
K’iyán Mountain (pronounced KEY-yawn), previously known as Minto Mountain
A X̲ eegí Deiyí Shaa (pronounced A-HEE-gi DAY-yi Shaa), formerly known as Monarch Mountain

July 28, 2023:
T’ooch’ Héeni (pronounced t-ooch HEE-nee), previously 4th of July Creek
Koosawu.áa Héen (pronounced KOO-sa-woo ah HEEN), formerly known as Pine Creek
Koosawu Áa (pronounced KOO-sa-woo AH), previously Surprise Lake
Daatgaadláaḵ X’áat’i (pronounced daht-gahd-LAK HAHT-tee), previously Third Island
Utajée X’áat’i (pronounced oot-ta-jee HAHT-tee), previously Second Island
Wéinaa X’áat’i (pronounced WAY-nah HAHT-tee), previously First Island
In Héeni (pronounced IN HEE-nee), formerly known as McKee Creek
Yat’aayi Héen G̱ eeyí (pronounced yut-AYE heen gee-YIH), formerly known as Warm Bay
Yat’aayi Héen (pronounced yut-AYE heen), formerly known as Warm Bay Hot Springs
Watsíx Héeni (pronounced wat-seek HEE-nee), previously the O’Donnell River
Taaltsux̱éi Héen (pronounced tal-soo-kay heen), previously spelled Tulsequah River

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