Citizen Engagement Survey

5-Year Strategic Planning

Leadership of the Taku River Tlingit (TRTFN) are preparing a new 5-year strategic plan to guide our decision making and planning over the next few years and we want to ensure that Citizens have full involvement in this process.
Enclosed you will find a questionnaire that has been prepared to help us gather your thoughts on what should be in this strategic plan. We would like to hear your thoughts and experiences, and to find out what you feel the priorities should be for TRTFN over the next few years.

Your input is important to make sure that we understand what issues matter to you and what you would like us to focus on. Our planning team is from Northern Governance Institute. For questions or concerns about this questionnaire or the strategic planning process please call the TRTFN office at (250) 651-7900.
Once completed you can submit online via the QR code on the form, or by email to:

We are aiming to have our new plan finalized early in 2022 so we ask that you return the questionnaire by January 21, 2022.