Media Release – TRTFN Declaration 2023

Taku River Tlingit First Nation (TRTFN) is proud to announce the declaration of the T’akú Tlatsini Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (Takú IPCA) within our traditional Territory.
Taku River Tlingit have a sacred relationship with our territory, reflected in the concept of
Lingit Kusteeyí (Tlingit way of living), which encompasses our relationship with our land and
all life that depends upon it. The declaration of the T’akú IPCA is founded upon our commitment to care for the fish, wildlife, land, and watersof Taku River Tlingit Territory today and forever.
The T’akú  Tlatsini IPCA fulfills our Elder, Leadership and citizen direction for the T’akú watershed, originally identified in the Nation’s 2009 Tlatsini (Places That Make Us Strong) Vision. Since 2018, we have engaged with our citizens, Leadership and Elders to build on this Vision to develop our T’akú  IPCA. We believe the T’akú  IPCA will protect the values that our culture is founded upon, while allowing opportunities for environmentally and socially responsible development. Our T’akú  Tlatsini IPCA provides for the health and climate resilience of wild salmon, wildlife, and our cultural resilience and Lingit Kusteeyí.
During the Atlin Taku Land Use Plan development, we sought protection for many of these places. While significant progress was made in collaboration with your government, landscapes that are critical to the long-term health of the T’akú  and Lingit Kusteeyí were not protected. As our ancestors have aways done, we are using our Indigenous laws and inherent jurisdiction to protect these Tlatsini landscapes. We seek to build upon our strong government-to-government relationship to develop a shared vision for these landscapes as well as for environmentally and socially responsible development that will support thriving and healthy communities.
TRTFN Clan Directors Council, Elders and Clan Leaders approved the T’akú  IPCA  Declaration and Map late last year. This week the community has come together in Atlin, BC and Whitehorse,YK to celebrate the Declaration.
We share your government’s commitment to steward the land in ways that ensure sustainability for future generations. We look forward to working with you and your Ministry to transform and strengthen the conservation of the T’akú  watershed, founded on the diverse ecological, cultural and economic values and interests we share for this globally significant watershed.