Lands Secure Citizens Information

The  (TRTFN) Mining Division plays a vital role in overseeing and fostering mining activities within our TRTFN territory. Committed to the protection and responsible development of our ancestral lands, our mining division closely monitors mining operations and maintains ongoing relationships with mining entities and organizations. This secure citizen portal is dedicated to keeping TRT citizens informed about mining-related events, presentations, and forms, as well as updates on the partnerships and negotiations between the TRT and mining stakeholders. By ensuring transparency and fostering dialogue, the TRTFN Mining Division strives to create a sustainable and harmonious environment for the community.

This information is exclusively for sharing confidential information among TRTFN citizens. Kindly refrain from disclosing any details to non-TRTFN members, and promptly report any suspected unauthorized sharing to  TRTFN Communications officers.  We greatly value your cooperation and assistance in maintaining the integrity of our community.