Photo: Bryan Evans

Photo: Bryan Evans

A governing principle in the Constitution is that Our Elders show us that, to live as Tlingit, the life breath of our culture comes from each of us through our heart, mind, body and spirit. Therefore, as Tlingit, we have a spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual relationship with ourselves, and all other life.

Under the Distribution of Governing Responsibilities Section 5 of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation Constitution Act, 1993 is the following:


5.1 All TRTFN Elders are a valuable and respected part of our culture and each Elder contributes to our survival as Tlingit.

5.2 The primary purpose of the TRTFN Elders Council shall be to ensure the continuity of Tlingit Laws, values, customs and traditions.

5.3 In order to do this, the TRTFN Elders Council shall provide to the TRTFN Governing Bodies, political or social advice in the best interests of all clan members.

5.4 The TRTFN Elders Council shall conduct meetings in accordance with the following procedure in order to ensure that the TRTFN Governing Bodies are bound to consider their advice. The TRTFN Elders Council meetings shall:

5.4. l . Be convened and chaired by the Spokesperson at least four (4) times per year;

5.4.2 Make decisions by consensus of the elders present; such decisions require the involvement of a minimum of two (2) elders from each clan.

5.4.3 If consensus cannot be reached, the meeting shall be adjourned and reconvened where discussion shall continue with more than four (4) Elder’s Council members, where a decision will be made where more than seventy (70) percent of the Eider’s council members present vote in favour of the decision. Quorum in 5.4.2. shall apply.

5.5 Decisions of the TRTFN Elders Council shall be of no force and effect unless made in compliance with section 4.

5.6 In order to ensure continuity, the TRTFN Elders Council shall:

5.6. l . Be established by the clan members in accordance with sections 6.4 and 6.5 and consist of a maximum of eight (8) elders;


Download the entire Constitution including all sections click here: TRTFN Constitution, or read it online here