The Taku River Tlingit First Nation has a clan-based structure.  A Spokesperson as well as two Wolf and two Crow directors make up the Clan Director’s Council. The Spokesperson is elected to provide overall political, administrative and social leadership to the TRTFN and is responsible for the day-to-day administration and management of the TRTFN. The Clan Director’s council are elected to make decisions that affect clan members in a government capacity. Each Clan Director has a TRTFN Department in their portfolio and the directors are to be consulted on general departmental direction. The Clan Directors and Spokesperson base their decisions on direction from the community provided at Joint Clan Meetings and through direction from the Elder’s Council.

Spokesperson: is the political voice of both Crow and Wolf clans. Their role is to promote cooperation between the clans and ensure implementation of the decisions of the Clan Directors. The Spokesperson is responsible for providing overall political, administrative and social leadership. He/She is the central contact person for matters that affect clan members in both an internal and external context. He/She chairs JCM and Elder’s council meetings and convene and participate in Clan Director meetings.

Clan Directors: Two Crow and two Wolf directors are elected by members of their respective clans (according to election rules and customs). Their primary role is to make and implement decisions affecting rights, titles and interests for TRTFN clan members (you can see the list of classes of subjects in the TRTFN Constitution Section 9.3 &9.4)

The above summary was drawn from the TRTFN Constitution


The Taku River Tlingit First Nation administration structure is as follows:

Org Chart 2014 TRTFN January 2014 Org Chart No Names

Download pdf: Organizational Chart 2014