Photo: Bryan Evans – Taku River, just below King Salmon River

Photo: Bryan Evans – Taku River, just below King Salmon River


The Taku River Tlingit First Nation is located in Atlin, BC, a small remote community of approximately 400 people.  We, the Taku River Tlingit, are moving forward as the responsible decision makers of our land and waters within our Territory.  Our Territory covers over 40,000 sq/km and includes what is now known as British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska/US.  Our Territory contains high mountains, expansive forests rich with wildlife and salmon filled wild rivers.  As responsible decision makers we are embarking on a course necessary to ensure the preservation of our wildlife and fisheries.  This will assist us in ensuring the preservation of what is Tlingit.


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The T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy:

About T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy

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In July, 2004, the Taku River Tlingit Nation ratified through a Joint Wolf and Crow Clan Meeting the creation of the T’akhu  TlènConservancy, a non-profit entity that secured charitable status from Revenue Canada in 2009. The stated purpose of the T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy is to “ensure the traditional territory of the Taku River Tlingit Nation remains a landscape where the needs of the Taku River Tlingit Nation people are satisfied in harmony with the continued long term viability of its native plants, fish, wildlife and natural ecosystems.”

Working in a cooperative partnership with the Taku River Tlingit Lands and Fisheries Departments, the Conservancy is a vehicle to develop, fund, and facilitate implementation of programs required to fulfill the intent of the Hà t_átgi hà khustìyxh sìti and the Taku River Tlingit Conservation Areas Design.  Additionally, the Conservancy provides opportunities for natural resource research, management, training and organizational development for Tlingit people; acquires real and personal property; acquires and hold licenses, leases, tenures, easements and conservation covenants.

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Lingít Yoo X̱ʼatángi

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Lingít Yoo X̱ʼatángi

The Tlingit Language

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